USEFUL INFORMATION (Information book)

If you plan to leave the nest by car, please note that if you enter the location of the house as departure or arrival in services like Google Maps, you will probably get wrong directions. Please enter this location as your starting or arriving point.


National Emergency Number (24/7) 112
National Forest Fires Number (24/7) 117
Fire Brigade (24/7) +351 234 555 738 ~ Location
Police (24/7) +351 234 551 225 ~ Location

House rules

Wi-Fi inside and around the house: ‘the nest’, no password.
Capacity for this property is 4 registered guests. Visitors, functions, events or parties are not allowed.
No pets are allowed on this property.
Please respect all ‘Private’ signs by not entering, opening or touching.
Smoking is not allowed indoors but is allowed outdoors using the ashtray.
Fire is not allowed outdoors due to forest fire hazard.
Small children must always remain under adult supervision.
Please mind the occasional presence of bees, mosquitos or spiders if you’re sensitive to them. We recommend that you always leave the windows of your car closed.
Photographic or video shootings for commercial purposes are not allowed.
Naturism is welcome anywhere on this property.
CCTV cameras outside only and off during guest stays.
There is outdoor furniture for the two balconies and the garden, and hammocks for the trees near the waterfall.
Central heating is controlled automatically. Please do not change the settings of the radiators or the thermostat. You may use the fireplace, and help yourself to wood. The two systems are independent.
The TV set is not connected to the Internet or cable service but you can use it with Android devices (connect to the TV’s ‘Sony Bravia’ Wi-Fi) or HDMI devices (using the cable provided).
Please sort your waste using the bags under the sink. Unsorted waste is deposited through the hole on the right-hand side of the sink.
The user manuals for the appliances are in the cabinet in the kitchen facing the door to the corridor.
There will be no cleaning service during your stay.
Check-out with your host is until 2 PM.


Public Hospital São João da Madeira (24/7) +351 256 379 700 ~ Location
Private Hospital Trofa Saúde São João da Madeira (8h to 20h Monday to Friday, and 8h to 14h Saturday) +351 256 247 700 ~ Location
Private Hospital CUF Clínica São João da Madeira (8h to 20.30h Monday to Saturday) +351 256 036 400 ~ Location
Public Hospital Infante D. Pedro, Aveiro (24/7) +351 234 378 300 ~ Location
Private Hospital da Luz Aveiro (24/7) +351 234 400 700 ~ Location
Public Hospital São Sebastião, Santa Maria da Feira (24/7) +351 256 379 700 ~ Location
Private Hospital Trofa Saúde Santa Maria da Feira (8h to 20h Monday to Friday, and 8h to 14h Saturday) +351 256 074 000 ~ Location
Private Hospital da Luz Clínica Santa Maria da Feira (8h to 20h Monday to Friday, and 8h to 13h Saturday) +351 223 776 800 ~ Location

Neves +351 234 552 198 ~ Location
Martins +351 234 551 242 ~ Location
Terra +351 234 558 304 ~ Location

Food & drink

Quinta do Barco +351 234 556 246 ~ Location
Santiago +351 234 551 125 ~ Location
O Cortiço +351 234 555 753 ~ Location
Tempero Rústico +351 926 972 856 ~ Location
O Canastro +351 234 597 248 ~ Location
Casa Vitorino +351 234 551 156 ~ Location
Pizzaria D. Gonçalo +351 234 556 872 ~ Location
(There are no vegetarian or vegan restaurants in this area)

Flor do Vouga + 351 234 551 212 ~ Location
Confiança (Vale da Anta) +351 ‭234 597 292‬ ~ Location
Confiança (Sever do Vouga) +351 234 552 661 ~ Location
Massasvouga +351 234 590 400 ~ Location
Nelita +351 234 555 389 ~ Location

Lidl +351 210 207 000 ~ Location
Pingo Doce +351 938 875 360 ~ Location

Mercearia Bar +351 913 899 383 ~ Location
Ab Bar +351 919 421 306 ~ Location
Bacco +351 934 977 215 ~ Location


Nearest ATM ~ Location
Other ATMs and banks at Sever do Vouga ~ BPI + CCA + CGD + Millennium + Montepio + Santander
Nearest unsorted waste container ~ Location
Nearest sorted waste containers ~ Location
Nearest Laundromatt (Clean2You) ~ Location
Nearest gas station (BP) ~ Location
Nearest car workshop (Auto Pneus Diamantino Pedro) ~ Location
Bike repair shop ~ Location


Tourist office +351 234 555 566 (ext. 356) ~ Location

Municipal Museum +351 234 597 079 ~ Location
Centre for Performing Arts +351 234 590 470 ~ Location
Municipal library +351 234 550 030 ~ Location

Ecopista (Ecotrail) ± 11 km ~ Location
PR1 Caminhos de São Tiago (Paths of St Tiago) ± 10 km ~ Location
PR2 Trilho da Cabreia e minas do Braçal (Cabreia and Braçal mines trail) ± 10.5 km ~ Location
PR3 Rota das laranjeiras (The orange trees route) ± 9,4 km ~ Location
PR4 Trilho Encosta do Castêlo (Castêlo hillside trail) ± 8 km ~ Location
PR5 Rota do Megalítico (Route of the megalithic) ± 9,4 km ~ Location
PR6 Trilho dos Amiais (Amiais trail) ± 5.2 km ~ Location
PR7 Trilho da Agualva (Agualva Trail) ± 11 km ~ Location
PR8 Trilho da Pedra Moura (Moorish Stone trail) ± 7,6 km ~ Location
PR9 Trilho dos moinhos (Windmills trail) ± 7,7 km ~ Location
PR10 Trilho do Gresso (Gresso trail) ± 11,4 km ~ Location

Nearest river beach ~ Location
Nearest sea beach (Aveiro) ~ Location
Nearest naturist sea beach (Aveiro) ~ Location
Municipal swimming pool +351 234 556 206 ~ Location
Cabreia waterfall ~ Location
Municipal park ~ Location
Couto de Esteves dam ~ Location
Santiago bridge ~ Location
Oporto city ~ Recommended route


Our central heating runs on biomass, using exclusively EN plus A1 certified pellets, an extremely clean and efficient source of energy. Our fireplace uses wood from trees grown on our FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified grounds.
The house runs on electrical power almost entirely drawn from renewable energies. Most of our lighting uses energy saving LED technology. Our electrical appliances are energy-efficient, ranking between A+ and A+++.
Our running water comes from our own underground water spring, located within the property. Our lawns are very scarcely watered, as the property lays on a considerably wet ground, thus saving water as well as electrical power.
Our windows are fitted with double-glazed glass, with one layer of UV filtering glass and another or thermal glass, thus minimising the negative effects of ultra-violet rays while helping to preserve room temperature. All the windows in the living room (and in our private bottom floor) are fitted with blinds mainly made of natural products from a fair trade manufacturer.
All the wood used in the construction of the house, from ceilings to floors and cupboards, was grown on our grounds. Wood preserves temperature and absorbs humidity, and the trees our wood came from were treated according to ancient procedures guided by the moon cycle.
Our property holds 2 acres of trees, plants and flowers, all of which have a very positive action on reducing our carbon footprint by producing a considerable amount of oxygen. Many of our species are non-flammable, turning our flora into a barrier against wildfires and their consequences on the environment.
We sort all waste by depositing it in the specific containers available in our municipality: paper, plastic and metal, glass, and unsorted waste. We compost organic waste for use on our grounds.
The activity we carry out on our private agricultural area is exclusively based on biological principles. We only use organic products and farming techniques.
The fabric used on the seats of our dining table chairs was decorated by us using ecoprint, an organic method which uses tannins from flora instead of ink.

Complaints book

Portugal’s official complaints book online. You may also request the paper version at the nest.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.

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